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Endoscope Video Enhancer

Endohancer is the Endsocope Video enhancer for better diagnosis and treatment.

This device enhances the stored images of medical(industrial) endoscope without color changes. It is very important because in the case of medical endoscope, there are many cases of distinguishing the abnormalities with color.
Also, it is particularly effective in improving dark or foggy images, and also underwater images.


√  Images enhanced for better diagnosis and treatment
    → Particularly effective in improving dark or foggy images
√  Selectable location and size of enhanced area → Focused image enhancement for key area
√  Four selectable enhancement levels
√  Works with OLYMPUS & PENTAX Endoscopes
√  Works with original equipped monitors (SONY, JVC etc.)
√  Works with other monitors (as primary or second monitor)

​ Reference sites 

Medical endoscope, Veterinary endoscope, Industrial endoscope

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